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What I'd love to have

Preferably remote work

I have my own distraction-free home office and that's where I feel I work the best. I'm flexible for the right position.

A mid-level position

My former position was mid-level, and I'd like to restart there.

A place that allows me to take ownership

Somewhere where ideas are welcomed and appreciated and where I'm allowed to own my work.

A team that celebrates cultural & thought diversity

To work with international and culturally diverse teams for most of my career has been magic.

Open to contract format

Talent is everywhere. If I'm a great fit but you can't commit to an EOR yet, I'm open to being a contractor.

Open to relocating (at my own cost)

If my current location makes things difficult, I'm open to relocating and I'm happy to pay for the costs myself.

Preferred location: UK & Ireland.

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